Virtual CFO

12 Blocks Virtual CFO FrameWork of ICG

We offer F&A services handling the entire gamut of the function with qualified and experienced professionals - Transactions | Compliance | Advisory
We offer Software enabled service to upgrade your finance function
We support in handling complex issues with ease
We help to keep your books in order and set your business trajectory straight
We transform your finance function into a strategic organisation to offer you the right support -

Cost Management | Revenue Management | Working Capital Management | MIS & Analytics | Intensive Reporting

With ICG Virtual CFO, you get far more than just a part-time CFO. Here’s what you get:

  1. 1. A local support team of the highest calibre CFOs in the country;
  2. 2. A national collaborative team of the best CFOs sharing best practice;
  3. 3. Access to our international team of CFOs (so we can help fast track your company’s expansion into overseas markets);
  4. 4. Access to the best products and services through our unrivalled network of ‘partners’.
  5. 5. Ability to compete on the international stage by upgrading to internationally recognised standards of accounting and compliance.
  6. 6. Fast access to funds/investment.
  7. 7. Expedited growth in India and internationally through our unique global fastback solution.
  8. 8. Increased cash-flow to drive growth.
  9. 9. Preparation of your business for a highly profitable exit to a multinational/international.
  10. 10. We offer our clients the services of experienced, qualified Chief Financial Officers without the commitment and the expense of employing them on a full-time basis.
  11. 11. In addition to this, ICG operates a unique 'Team' structure. With access to our international team of CFOs, we have an unparalleled, combined skill set which our clients can leverage.


Strategic Planning

A. Business Exit Plan
B. Risk Management
C. Implementation Timetable
D. Strategic Funding

Operational Skills

A. Internal-Systems
B. Reporting
(Your Financial Reporting Dashboard)
C. Profit Improvement
(Increase Your profit)
D. Cash Flow Management
(Stop Worrying about Cash Flow Forecasts)

Business Support

A. Compliance Reporting
(Get Your Business Fully Compliant)
B. Tax Planning & Legal Issues
C. Outsourcing
(Strategic Outsourcing Maximises Efficiency And Productivity)
D. Banking-Relationship
(Improving Your Business Banking Relationship Is A Priority)

Our Clients

Our Team

Abhash Kumar

Strategy Head
Partner, Ichelon

Meet Abhash

Rohit Gupta

Business Development Head
Partner, Ichelon

Meet Rohit

Vaibhav Gupta

Head of Business Modelling and Forecasting

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