Marketing Consulting

Whether you need a second opinion on your business and marketing strategy, help to bolster your marketing effort, or someone to do it all, we got it all.

As CEOs for multiple successful startups and consultant on many more, our leadership understands these challenges first hand. Working as a sounding board or a second set of eyes, our proven process and approach can provide creative alternatives to help you reach your goals faster.

Our agency has years of experience in online marketing, specializing in SEO, SEM, SMO, Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing. We’ve worked with hundreds of clients ranging from small businesses to big corporations. We work closely with our clients as a cohesive team, and tackle their biggest problems first.

Marketing gets the word out about your U.S.P.s, the value you bring, the changes that your product can bring to the lives of your current and potential user and cost-effective marketing is critical to your success. Use us as much, or as little as you need - to work with your existing team, or develop and execute your marketing plan entirely.

We create the Story and give Voice to it:
Great marketing starts with an authentic story about your organization, delivered in a voice that resonates with your targeted customers. Ichelon work closely with you to develop your unique story and identity that forms the basis of your market position, messaging and communications.

We create Personas and put right price to it:
Defining and understanding who you are and how you want to disrupt the market, targeting has to be done well before you create your first marketing campaign or try to close your first deal. Ichelon will create detailed target customer personas that clearly define your customers and construct the ideal price points for your offerings based on these targets.

We create content and help you communicate to your audience with it:
Gaining trust with customers and authority within an industry can only be achieved by company messaging that slices through today’s feeds of mediocrity. Ichelon co-develop content; blogs, white papers, ebooks and guides that will engage customers, show your expertise, positions you as a thought leader and bring business to you.

We specialize in:

  • Social Media, Online Advertising Management and Promotion
  • Customer Call Centers and Order Fulfillment
  • Marketing Communications and Press
  • New Product Introduction and Marketing Launch
  • Marketing Plan and Promotional Strategy and Execution
  • Market Research and Competitive Analysis
  • Core Value Proposition, Brand Strategy and Messaging

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