Legal Consulting

Past few years were battlegrounds for startups on the legal front. Legal issues are one of the primary reasons of downfall of startups in past 5 years. You want to start you venture but don’t have a trusted lawyer? You are at the right place.
An extensive amount of planning and preparation is required to start a business. We simplify the legal aspects of entrepreneurship for our startup clients across a wide array of industries such as health and wellness, food and beverage, virtual reality, pet care, artificial intelligence, retail and tech (including fintech, green tech, cleantech and mobility tech). You need to think of every legal aspect before starting your venture or the new pilot within your organization as it can either lead to exponential growth of your organization or a debacle that will most lead to downfall.

Ichelon has partnered highly professional legal consultants who put their clients’ interest first. You will get the best legal advice from our experts to help you manage your business within the laws.

Our strong team of former big-firm corporate lawyers provides a broad range of corporate legal services — from startup counseling and general corporate matters to angel and venture capital financings to mergers and acquisitions. Our goal is simple: to help startups and entrepreneurs.

We Offer trusted advice that aligns with your business objectives, maximize value by ensuring cost certainty and rank client experience as our top priority. Our legal advisors help our clients navigate their way through complex legal issues by providing strategic advice related to:

  • Incorporation and organization
  • Business formation and registration
  • Minute books and corporate records
  • Founders agreements (ex. shareholders, partnerships, etc.)
  • Website terms and conditions, privacy and anti-spam
  • Rollover transactions
  • Commercial agreements (ex. non-disclosure, non-competition, services, etc.)
  • Employees and independent contractors
  • Stock option plans
  • Intellectual property matters
  • Commercial leases
  • Product and technology licensing
  • Franchising
  • Purchase and sale transactions

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